Prelude | A Sister In Sweden


For three weeks now I have been learning Swedish as I count down to what is now my final month of living in Australia. Not often does a 17 year old from Australia pack up her life to move half way across the world to Sweden. Whether it be the lack of opportunity or funds, my case is not something you hear everyday. However, it is something that happens.

What’s your plan though, Mandy? Well… In January, I hope to be accepted into a Swedish University for a beginners language course that last for six months. Following in September, I would have enrolled to study journalism or fashion at any of the wonderful universities in the country. As of yet I have not been accepted into the language course, which by default insists that I don’t have university accomodation, however I am desperately trying to remain positive. In the meantime, my Aunt has happily invited me to stay with her in the area of the language course.

For months I have been trying to find anyone with similar experiences to bestow some or any knowledge on me. As it turns out, not many feel obliged to document their experiences (not that I have been able to find at least). I wasn’t just looking for an exchange story or adults that moved around for their job, I wanted clarity of information regarding my specific type of journey. Thus ‘A Sister in Sweden’ was born.

A kind of a double entendre, ‘A Sister in Sweden’ derived from several points of inspiration. Firstly, and obviously, I am a sister (hey Julia) and I am going to Sweden. Secondly, ‘Sister’ as in ‘sista’, meaning your African gal pal here to lend a helping hand and share some sisterly-like advice.

‘A Sister in Sweden’ is going to be an amazing opportunity for me to share my experience and, hopefully, answer the questions that I had when beginning my journey that can help others as well.

That brings me to the prequel of my journey, still here in Australia. Over the next month I will be preparing gifts for my very deserving friends and family, packing up my entire Aussie life and my entire room (note: I will not be taking everything I own, that would be insane).

That leaves me here, today. Nine of fifteen Swedish lessons down, nothing packed and no gifts.

Anyways, just for now, this is an update. The next few weeks will be insane, but I have plans! I do have plans for this blog (which I have been handling very poorly), but it is only a matter of time before I get back one track.

Sweden Countdown: 28 days to go!

Stay Fabulous!

With Love,


(Image is not mine)


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